Intellectual property protection in the EU: risks, challenges and prospects


On the occasion of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council, the State Patent Bureau of Lithuania organized the conference 'Intellectual Property Protection in the EU: Risks, Challenges and Prospects,' which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania.
It was one of  the biggest events on intellectual property issues in the Baltic States. Topics at this high profile political conference  looked into current contemporary intellectual property issues within the European Union: revision of the Community trademark system, unitary patent and Unified Patent Court, enforcement of IPRs, trade secrets protection, as well as alternative IP dispute resolution procedures according to the rules of international arbitration and mediation.
The Conference was attended by  more than 200 participants. Among them - Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization Francis Gurry, President of the European Patent Office Benoit Battistelli, President of the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market Antonio Campinos, European Commission Director of Intellectual Property Directorate Kerstin Jorna, also, other high-level officials from the national intellectual property offices.