Follow the money approach − organized crime in Intellectual Property and Sports | Dave Lowe


Dave Lowe is the Head of Intelligence at the UK Intellectual Property Office and has the strategic role in directing the intelligence work of the organization and co-ordinating the various structures that engage with law enforcement, regulatory and private sector partners. He has worked at the IPO since April 2011 before which he was a Police Officer for 31 years. Dave completed his service as Head of Economic Crime for South Wales Police responsible for investigating money laundering, fraud and public sector corruption. He served as Head of Serious and Organized Crime and was seconded to the National Criminal Intelligence Service where he was responsible for resources dealing with Counterfeit Currency, Kidnap and Extortion, Serious Sex Offenders, Organized Vehicle Crime, West African fraud and Wildlife Trafficking. He represents the UK on IP enforcement matters at Europol, EUIPO Observatory and other international enforcement agencies. Conference „Intellectual Property and Sports” took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on April 13−14, 2016. Organizers of the regional conference were the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania with Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and National Olympic Committee of Lithuania, in cooperation with European Union Intellectual Property Office, World Intellectual Property Organization. Purposes of event were to discuss close links between intellectual property and sports, value of intellectual property to sports community, to get acquainted with harm of fake sports measures done to athletes and sports sector and the influence of innovation to the achievements at sports, to discuss the copyright and related rights protection problems in broadcasting sports events. More information −