Notice on renewal of suspended time limits related to the payment of fees and performing of actions


2020 05 28


After withdrawal of restrictions related to free movement of persons or freedom of economic activities announced by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, time limits related to the payment of fees and performing of actions provided by the Law on Fees, Patent Law, Design Law and Trademark Law shall be renewed as from 1 June, 2020.

Suspension of payment of the fees and time limits means extension of these terms for the period equal to the period of suspension. Actions, for which time limits have been suspended, may be performed after renewal of these time limits within the number of days for which the time limits have been suspended.

Please note that there will be no individual notifications regarding suspension and recalculation of the time limits. Obligation imposed by the Laws for the applicants, owners of industrial property objects and any other interested persons to perform actions according to the time limits provided by Laws shall remain valid (by individually evaluating provisions of the Laws regarding suspension of the time limits and calculation of the time limits applied in a particular case).

Regarding any issues related to the suspension or renewal of time limits please contact the State Patent Bureau by email or phone +370 5 278 0290.