2020 European Patent Index: the record growth of applications from Lithuania


2021 03 16


According to the 2020 European Patent Index, last year the number of European patents applications filed by Lithuanian applicants to the European Patent Office (EPO) increased by as much as 72.4%, namely from 29 to 50 applications.

According to Lina Mickienė, Deputy Director of the SPB, "one of the factors of such a successful result could have been the support of MITA (the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology), which was used to the maximum last year".

Analyzing the statistics of the European Patent Index, it should be noted that, in 2020, the EPO received 180 250 applications, just 0.7% down on 2019 despite the pandemic. Innovation in healthcare was the main driver of European patent applications in 2020, which was also influenced by the situation in the world. The full European Patent Index statistics can be viewed here:

It should be noted that at the beginning of 2021 substantial financial changes came into force, allowing national applicants to use the EPO's invention search service much cheaper and more efficiently, so we expect even higher growth this year as applicants, after using the mentioned service, will patent their inventions abroad with more confidence.